Art shines on Social Distancing Festival

Published by: Gerardo Iannacci | 23-Aug-2020
Summer 2020 will go down in History as the Summer with no festivals, with fewer cultural events than ever because of Covid-19 safety measures: but then when Social Distancing became a became a festival as well! Here we're talking about a Website that collects online much of the art and performances that this year got cancelled or postponed all around the globe; free to be viewed and enjoyed by everyone, even if not in person. @summer2020 @nofestivalsin2020 @socialdistancing @postponedart @artisalive @onlineart @onlinefestival
This 2020 is being tough enough for all, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard countries from Asia to Europe, from Russia to America, from Australia to Africa. All the plans that hundreds of thousands of young people have made for their spring and summer holidays have been blown up altogether by the virus emergency.

Lockdowns, social distancing rules, all these safety measures suddenly came into our lives and then concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions, festivals...started to be cancelled all over Europe and the Globe.

When Glastonbury Festival in the UK and Roskilde Festival in Denmark got cancelled that represented a major hit for the European Youth which had booked tickets for these happenings months and months in advance.

These are harsh times for everyone; it's harsh because of not being able to hug or see our loved ones, but we're all together in this, we're all sharing the pain and the grief of one another and that's why the website called "Social Distancing Festival" was born.

This site was born with the idea of collecting online the shows and performances shared through different media to build a love for art, creation and life. Also in these pandemic times.

On this virtual hub one can find almost anything they wish for: virtual exhibits, sketches, audiobooks, virtual concerts and recorded dance sessions, theatrical musicals and operas; the site wishes to put in the spotlight shows that had to be cancelled and/or postponed because of the crisis all around the World.

And that's not all! There are even some live-streamed happenings that this Summer can't welcome their public because of quarantine and social distancing measures.

Also submissions are open to all, prioritizing the work that was cancelled or delayed because of social distancing safety measures. On the site there's even a forum and an old-style chat room for artists to combine artistic strengths and create something together.

Surely it's not the same, surely it's not like jumping and hugging altogether in the loud singing crowd of a festival, but in these exceptional times surely there's something to tell the youth and everyone out there browsing the site: you're not alone.

Together we stand, for art, for nature and for all the populations of our planet.

Beauty and Art will save the World, also in these pandemic times.

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