Art Grade Full Color 3D Printing for artists and designers

Published by: Eric van Straaten | 13-Feb-2017
Good news! The extensive experience of Eric van Straaten with full color 3D printing is now available for designers. The fragility of the model right out of the machine, and the fact that it has to be post processed intensively to acquire a beautiful finish, makes full color 3D printing a very intensive and highly specific handicraft. @EricvanStraaten #EricvanStraaten
Because of my seven years of experience with the technique, I am able to provide you with the highest quality possible in full color 3D printing: very fine details, bright sharp textures and a beautiful surface quality.

My volume prices will be somewhat higher than other services on the market. However: by smart hollowing of your model, we can reduce costs and provide you with a guaranteed higher quality level.

Are you in need of a producer for your 3D models? please ask me for a quote through the contact form on the page here:

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