Art Collecting announces launching of a new NFT-plarform

Published by: Julia Sel | 12-May-2021
95% of users who received an invitation to ArtCollecting.Info are the founders of DAO funds and owners of crypto assets: bitcoins, ethereums, Dogecoin.
The team announced the launch of a new NFT platform. This landmark event will be a new step towards the digital transformation of the art market. The release of the beta version is scheduled for June 5, 2021, the alpha version (final) - for July 5, 2021. The platform's peculiarity is the focus on a new generation of collectors involved in it projects. 95% of users who received an invitation to ArtCollecting.Info are the founders of DAO funds and owners of crypto assets: bitcoins, ethereums, Dogecoin, Tezos. Estonia will become the jurisdiction of the NFT platform.

The digital transformation in industry and the financial sector has already brought about a shift in social paradigms and cultural codes. At the same time, large-scale implementation of cyber-physical systems and digitalization of industry are unthinkable without transformations in the humanitarian spheres. The February NFT revolution in the art market was a continuation of the industrial revolution, which is developing not linearly, but exponentially. The first collectors of digital art presented on NFT platforms were entrepreneurs involved in blockchain projects. In response to their demand, a new NFT platform for the ArtCollecting.Info team is being created. Its feature is integration with esports and betting platforms, which will make NFT auctions even more exciting and increase the demand for tokens.

The new NFT platform will run on the Tezos blockchain domain.

Marina Nadeeva, founder of «Our team became a guide from the art world to the world of technology back in 2016. A few years before the lockdown, we talked about the role of e-commerce. In 2017, we carried out the first experiments with art tokenization. In 2018 - 2019, more than 100 events were organized aimed at informing the art community about the possibilities of blockchain technology. We acted as partners of conferences in Davos, Basel, Miami. We held our own in Moscow (Unblock Art 2019). In January 2020, we presented a service for fixing copyright to an intellectual property object on the platform using blockchain technology. The opportunity to sell non-fungible tokens on the new NFT platform will be a new step towards the development of the art business. The first users of the platform will be artists who are not represented in galleries, but represented in the Metakovan collection. We reached them while surfing social networks - Instagram, Behance, Flickr, Pinterest. Our NFT platform will become a platform for them to reach a new generation of collectors. There are already more than 160 of them in the closed Telegram group, created on the eve of the launch of the platform. In another Telegram group, New Art Market, more than 180 artists are discussing new strategies and prospects for the art market».

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