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Published by: Seren Chen | 12-Jan-2016
Art Apart Fair 7th Edition, held in Singapore, will combine visual arts with design, artisanship, and authorship, with a focus on Singapore-based artists in particular, with more than 30 of the participating artists living in Singapore. A hotel-based boutique art fair, Art Apart Fair exhibits art in hotel rooms, allowing guests to browse artwork in an intimate home context. The Presidential Suite will be themed "Mosaic" and is curated by Rosalind Lim, Benny Ong, and Daniela Beltrani. Other participating artists hail from Iceland, Japan, Korea, America, France, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Venue: Park Royal Hotel at Pickering
Address: 3 Upper Pickering Street Singapore
Date: 22nd to 24th January
Time: 11:30am-9:30pm
Ticket: $10
Buy / Ticket:
Art Apart Fair presents "Mosaic" "“ an eclectic collaboration of art and design "“ The Art Apart Fair is back with its 7th Edition "“ this time, a prime opportunity for collectors to glimpse the rare sight of some of the freshest Singaporean artists to enter the scene. At the same time, it also incorporates design, artisanship, and authorship, bringing them all together with the visual arts.

As an art fair set in a hotel, the rooms become the mirror for each visitor's personal living space, inspiring them to imagine how the artworks on the walls could exist within the context of their own homes, rather than simply viewing the work in an abstract, contextless white void, as in the typical white cube gallery. Come the 22nd to 24th January, the 14th floor of PARKROYAL at Pickering will be transformed into an art collector's dream "“ an almost surreal vision of myriad different styles and forms of art adorning every inch of space available. The main theme of the Presidential Suite this year will be "Mosaic," hearkening back to the colourful, eclectic tesserae used in old churches and mosques. Fair Director Rosalind Lim and curator Daniela Beltrani will curate this space. Daniela's selection of 12 Singapore-based artists will exhibit paintings, sculpture, and installation art, while Rosalind's selection of designers-turned-artists incorporate design into fine art - fashion designer Hayden Ng and artisan shoemaker Mash Mashizan Masjum will both be exhibiting. This collaboration between Rosalind and Daniela would not be complete without the contribution of fashion designer-turned-artist Benny Ong, who will exhibit never-before-seen works in the Presidential Suite. Author Bryan Koh will also be presenting his books at the Fair, adding to the multifarious mix of different forms of local art present.

Fair Director Rosalind Lim said, "While we have previously focused on other countries, this time we are bringing Art Apart Fair back to its roots to support local artists and the Singaporean art scene, the primary impetus behind my establishing this Fair in the first place. Visitors will be able to view artwork by more than 30 Singaporean artists. "

And support she does "“ in addition to these mostly established artists, she has also selected 15 final-year artists from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), whom she is mentoring along with Benny Ong. For these artists, who have barely taken a single step out of art school, this Fair is an incredible opportunity for them to gain a foothold in the art world. Both Rosalind and Benny will continue to mentor these artists beyond the duration of the Fair, to nurture their creative spirit and guide them through the many aspects of the commercial art world.

The Adopt-an-Artist initiative, which started with the inception of this Fair, also allows Patrons of the Arts to "adopt" an artist by donating to the fair to support the budding Singaporean artists' ventures into residencies, art exchange programmes, and further art for exhibition.

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