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Are you brave enough to take the fall?

BY The Royce Twins | 23-Jun-2015
The Royce Twins are Gabriel and Michael Saalfield. These Twin brothers have been singing and playing music together for as long as they can remember. It’s fair to say though these relative recording new comers are catching themselves some attention. @Theroycetwins #Theroycetwins

Brave is the second original single by The Royce Twins released to Australian Radio today from their self titled Debut EP.

When you think of Brave, you might think of a hero putting themselves in the path of danger to save someone. Being brave though can also be a personal journey which this lyric and song perfectly encapsulates.

“After you’ve had your heart broken you might think you’re not strong enough to ever find love and lose it again. But if that one right person appeared would you be ‘Brave enough to take the fall’ in love - even if it meant getting your heart broken all over again? That’s what the song means to us,” Gabriel said.

Brave is about finding your own courage to let love in, regardless of whatever the consequences might be.

The theme of this song is universal. We’ve all had that moment we’re we’ve been “Brave enough to take the fall”. Brave is an original track by The Royce Twins and is a crowd favourite with the audience singing along at live performances

The Royce Twins Debut EP is available online through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and on CD through Waterfront Records/MGM