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Approximately Infinite Universe: Naminapu Maymuru-White & Gulama Muymuru

BY The Cross Art Projects | 03-Dec-2020
Life on earth began in a swirling cloud of stardust. Approximately Infinite Universe considers the multiple meanings found in imaginative and traditional mappings of time, life and death.
Venue: The Cross Art Projects
Address: 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross 2011
Date: 4 December to 28 January 2021
Web: https://www.crossart.com.au/
: https://www.facebook.com/TheCrossArtProjects
: https://twitter.com/CrossArtXAP
: https://www.instagram.com/thecrossartprojects/
EMail: info@crossart.com.au
Call: (02) 9357 2058
Naminapu Maymuru-White, Milŋiyawuy / River of Stars, 2020. (#3126-20). Bark painting, 113 X 56cm.
Naminapu paints the night sky and light that has been traveling for thousands, sometimes millions of years across space and time; she studies Milŋiyawuy / Milky Way or River of Stars, as a three-dimensional forest or rivers of galaxies. Galama Maymuru (the late) , contemplates death here on earth. Both are part of the same complex mortuary and belief system that is “everywhen”. (W.E.H Stanner, 'The Dreaming', 1953).

Mrs Maymuru was the daughter of the great artist Narritjin Maymuru and under his instruction was one of the first generation of Yolngu women to become a major artist using sacred clan designs. This renaissance happened during the early days of the Homeland Movement. From the mid-1970s, Narritjin established the Mangalili homeland of Djarrakpi (extensively documented by Ian Dunlop of Film Australia in the twenty two films of the Yirrkala Film Project).