Anvil Productions Partners with Jesuit Social Services and Support After Suicide for Victorian tour.

Published by: Rebecca Lister, Anvil Productions | 20-Oct-2019
2:20AM is important theatre"¦a beautifully powerful new work.' ★★★★Theatre People. 2.20AM, by award winning playwright Rebecca Lister, is drawn from Lister's own experience of losing a family member to suicide, along with real stories of 50 other individuals directly impacted by suicide. Starring Joanne Davis, Michael Treloar, Zoe Ellerton-Ashley & Izabella Yena, 2:20AM will tour Victoria from October 25th - November 21st. 'Don't miss this! You might cry, you'll probably laugh, you'll certainly be moved by the courage & vulnerability of these characters as they struggle to make sense of their lives.' Audience member. #220AM @saneaustralia #supportaftersuicide #jesuitsocialservices
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Address: 6 Little Bakers Lane, Northcote, VIC 3070
Date: October 25th - November 21st
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Ticket: $20 and $25
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EMail: rebecca@anvilproductions
Call: 409201262
Four ordinary people, all bereaved by suicide, meet as strangers at a creative writing class and are forced into a reluctant bond. Together they grieve, laugh, behave badly, & reveal far more about themselves than they bargained for. This contemporary drama tackles the subject of suicide with truth and humour, and pulses with the credibility of lived experience.

In Australia, deaths from suicide are more frequent than those from traffic accidents. It's a sobering reality that very few in this country (or the world) are not touched by it in some way.

"Suicide is not an easy subject to talk or write about", explains playwright and Anvil Productions Co-AD Rebecca Lister.

"People choose to take their own lives for a myriad of reasons and it can be painful, complex and devastating for their loved ones. '2:20AM' is based on a series of interviews conducted with those bereaved by suicide, plus my own experiences as both a bereaved community member and the facilitator of numerous writing classes. It shines a light on the torment, bewilderment, and inspiring resilience of those left behind after suicide."

For this tour Anvil Productions have partnered with Jesuit Social Services and Support After Suicide. Support After Suicide is recognised as one of the leading Australian suicide bereavement programs, utilising arts projects (such as this) to connect with individuals and the wider community. The project is endorsed by SANE Australia.

Founded in 2015 by writer/director Rebecca Lister and actor Joanne Davis, Anvil Productions is committed to making contemporary, issue-based theatre that attracts non-traditional theatre going audiences.

Touring: Abbotsford October 25; Dandenong October 31; Traralgon November 1; Swanpool November 7; Mildura November 8; Ringwood November 14; Thomastown November 15; Frankston November 20; Kyneton November 22.

Audience forums, facilitated by Support After Suicide, will follow each performance.

'If we are going to have any impact on the rates of suicide across our country we must talk about it and this is exactly what 2:20AM does.' Professor Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year, 2003.

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