Anti Heroine

Published by: Heather Bloom | 18-Nov-2017
Are you sick of Beyoncé getting all the good film roles? Melbourne starlet, Heather Bloom returns with her sophomore production "Anti-Heroine" this December. From wannabe Mom-agers, Fairy Godmothers and super villains. Who will end up with the role of a lifetime and give even Beyoncé a run for her money? Join in on your favourite Disney songs, like you"ve never heard them before as Heather ruins your childhood memories with her unique spin on old-fashioned fairy tales.#Disney #Cabaret #Comedy #Villain #Princess #Theatre #Musical
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place Melbourne 3000
Date: 14th-17th December 2017
Time: 7pm- 8pm (6pm-7pm on Friday 15th)
Ticket: $25 - $32
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 03 9663 8107
Anti-Heroine - Heather Bloom stars in a Disney remake the likes of which you"ve never seen before.

In Anti-Heroine, a certain well-known animations and film behemoth are casting for their latest live action remake of the fairytale classic Bambi and are searching for the perfect villain for the film. After exhausting the talent pool, the producers have opened up the auditions to previous villains and a few surprise guests. A place for has-been"s, wannabe"s and those that never were. Welcome to the anti-heroine casting couch.

Anti-Heroine is a one-woman comedy cabaret set within the seedy world of a top-casting agent, (think Harvey Weinstein before the conviction). Join Heather as she embodies the most villainous of characters and shows her remarkable range as a performer in this wacky comedy sure to bring on the nostalgic feels.

Anti-Heroine is Heather"s second full length cabaret performed at the Butterfly Club after her debut Stage 30 was well received and is an adventurous production of comedy, costume changes and colourful characters!

Anti-Heroine runs for 4 nights from the 14th-17th of December at the Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place Melbourne.

Reviews for Stage 30:

"It was better than I expected" - Leanne Morton

"Heather Who?" - Scott Major

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