Anthony White at International Painting Symposium Mark Rothko Centre,Latvia

Published by: Admin Industries /Atelier Anthony White | 24-Jul-2017
One of Australia"s leading contemporary visual artists, Anthony White will participate in the 2017 edition of the International Painting Symposium at The Mark Rothko Art Centre,Latvia @markrothkoartcentre @anthony_white_paris #Markrothko #anthonywhite #anthonywhiteartist  #international #painting #symposium #australian #contemporary #abstraction #residency #latvia #Markrothkoartcentre
Venue: The Mark Rothko Centre
Address: Daugavpils,Latvia
Date: Opening Exhibition at The Mark Rothko Centre 22nd September 2017
Call: 33625767805
The Symposium draws from both international and European-based artists and will take place at The Rothko Centre Arsenale Fortress from 11-22 September, 2017. The symposium will culminate in an exhibition held at the centre and opens on the 22nd of September. For more information see website at

Anthony White is an Australian-born contemporary visual artist, based in Paris. His recent work considers collision points, shifts and ruptures at the site of geopolitical and cultural boundaries, particularly in relation to global immigration crises; echoing Edward Said"s identification of "the inextricable links" between Modernism, war and immigration. White's works are often characterised by an awareness of surface and a preoccupation with physicality and the found object. A dominant area of research in his work has been concerned with the phenomenon of Empires: How do empires construct narratives to promote and propagate ideology? How are notions of ownership tied to (complicated by) a European point of view? And how can visual artists engage with communities whilst addressing these issues? 

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre is a multi-functional contemporary art and culture centre in Daugavpils Fortress. The only place in Eastern Europe where you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the original works of Mark Rothko, exhibitions by Latvian and foreign artists in the exhibition space of over 2000 m2. Cafe Arsenal and Souvenir shop are located inside the Art Centre.

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