ANI LOU | Eralda EP

Published by: Vivan - | 5-Jun-2017
Ani Lou debuts her EP Eralda.
Tasmanian singer-songwriter Ani Lou shares her debut EP Eralda. Heartfelt and honest, encapsulating layered backdrops and fluid vocals, amidst a hard-hitting storyline about yearning for freedom from the entrapment of one"s own body or mind.

Written and composed by Ani Lou through a particularly difficult patch during the artist"s ongoing struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Eralda translates this often debilitating and isolating experience into something unimposing and melancholic.

"I sing to come to terms with situations and challenges I have faced, and hope to find kinship with others by sharing these experiences. Like many people, music is my antidote and method for self-soothing" - Ani Lou

The EP Eralda, composed of five tracks was recorded with her four-piece band at Reel to Reel Studios with Zarven Kara. Mixed by Simon Hagström Rennestedt and Henrik Alsèr (both from Sweden), Eralda carries an evident minimalistic Scandinavian influence.

Watch the music video to Ascend, the first single off the EP:

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