An Inconvenient Comedy Show

Published by: Maxwell J Smith | 26-Aug-2019
Times are tough: climate crisis, rampant inequality, and Pauline Hanson is still a thing! So a bunch of comedians are coming together to save the world, one seven-minute stand-up set at a time. An Inconvenient Comedy Show is a one-hour charity show coming to Crowded in the Vaults at Pilgrim Bar, Federation Wharf, as part of this year's exciting Melbourne Fringe program. #InconvenientComedy @InconvenientComedy #melbournefringe @melbournefringe @melbfringe #melbfringe
Venue: Crowded in the Vaults at Pilgrim Bar
Address: Vault 11, Federation Wharf, Melbourne
Date: 23-29 September 2019
Time: 7.10pm-8pm
Ticket: $25 full, $22 concession, $20 cheap Tuesday or group of 6+
Buy / Ticket:
Running from 23 to 29 September, An Inconvenient Comedy Show features a great line-up of politically and socially progressive comedians talking about stuff that really matters. At the show you'll see Captain Getup live on stage, heckle a vegan, and learn why eating the rich is the new superfood. And get answers to important questions, like who is the leader we need in these trying times: ALBO, SCOMO, or that goat that yells like a human?

An Inconvenient Comedy Show sees the Melbourne Fringe return of Maxwell J Smith and Tim Lo Surdo - members of the 2018 Fringe sell-out hit show Sustainable Standup.

Maxwell and Tim are social and environmental justice activists. Their mission is to make comedy that is inclusive and uplifting, that never punches down, and that deals with big important issues.

"Comedy should be an expression of the possible, rather than simply a reflection of the world as it is. Comedy is about values. It is a way to hold truth to power. It is a way to explore, grow, change, open our minds and open our eyes," says Maxwell.

"We crush sadness, hate and anger with laughter, love and action. Our key rule is no punching down. This means no racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, body-shaming, job-shaming, etc. You can punch up heaps though: governments, corporations, the fossil fuel industry, the patriarchy - they're all in the firing line!"

Joining Tim and Max are fellow comedians who deliver stand-up comedy with passion, positivity and a strong commitment to purpose.

The line-up includes:

Alistair Baldwin (screenwriter for ABC Comedy)
Aurelia St Clair (Aurelia's solo show, Woke, is debuting at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September)
Hannah Arbuthnott (Raw Comedy Finalist)
Pam Rana (Kim Kardashian Breaks the Environment)
Sashi Perrera (Raw Comedy Finalist)
Vidya Rajan (co-host of The Leak on Channel 31)

An Inconvenient Comedy Show will raise funds for the family of Tanya Day - an Aboriginal woman who was killed in police custody. The family is campaigning to remove public drunkenness as an offence.

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