America Martin Solo Exhibition featuring over 50 works @ J. Willott Gallery

Published by: Mickie | 20-Nov-2018
AMERICA MARTIN will be attending her opening for the exhibition of her latest works.
Venue: J. Willott Gallery
Address: 73300 El Paseo / Palm Desert / CA / 92260
Date: Saturday: November 24th
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Ticket: FREE
Buy / Ticket: Free
Call: 760.568.3180
"AMERICA MARTIN is an internationally represented Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles.

America is a painter and a sculptor. The magnetic pull of Martin's work is authentic, generated by both her ability to express a unique gesture that speaks to a universal truth (thus, we recognize it instantly) and her exceptional skill at rendering that truth via the human form. She pulls from the stylistic lessons of the classics and its derivations in indigenous subject matter, while redefining what it is to combine abstract and indigenous motifs.

Martin's art and personality encapsulates a sense of enthusiasm and hope. While born in the USA, the roots of America's Colombian heritage deeply influence her work. People are Martin's dominant subject. They are large in size, vivacious and accessible, and seem to burst out of the limits of each canvas or sculpture. Within this pulsating interplay of color, texture, line, and shapes, there is always America's signature expression that identifies each work as an America Martin."

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