Almost Famous Art Show at TapGallery

Published by: TapGallery | 25-Jul-2020
Variety of art by different artists on show for one week. @tapgallerysydney
Venue: Tap Gallery
Address: 1/259 Riley St SurryHills
Date: 8/1/2020
Time: 3pm opening runs daily 12-6pm
Ticket: free
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 400610440
Show opens on 1st August, with meet the artists from 3pm to 6pm. Show runs daily and closes on 9th August. Artists may submit work to the gallery directly and fee is $10 per artwork. Note social distancing rules do apply.

About Tap Gallery

The Artists' Paradise, TAP Art Gallery, is one of Sydney's longest-running artist-run spaces, set in the Surry Hills area of Sydney. Established in 1990, it's been at the heart and soul of Sydney's burgeoning art scene for three decades, with regularly changing exhibits and the chance to talk to the artists about their work. Its entirely uncurated approach means that it's open to artists of all genres to exhibit or perform their work, making it one of the most exciting galleries to visit in Sydney.

Established in 1990, TAP Gallery is an artist-run organisation, run by volunteers, with member's subscriptions, donations and financial support.

TAP Gallery is an open-policy community art space providing a platform for all artists and community groups to voice their message. This includes emerging artists from the prominent local Arts Institutions close by, many ethnic community groups, charities and also the homeless and disadvantaged. TAP provides opportunity for these groups to have a voice, gain invaluable experience for the future and opportunities to raise funds. They are afforded freedom of expression; are given the opportunity to communicate to a wider audience, and in so doing, helps shift and broaden public awareness. TAP's guiding philosophy and policy is to be inclusive of all.

TAP is an Incorporated Association (NON Profit) run by a steering committee who manage the space, administrate, oversee maintenance of the space, and help the artist present & promote their work through TAP's comprehensive website.

TAP Gallery operates principally as an art gallery, and also stages drawing classes, film nights & occasional performance. The art gallery is open daily 12-6pm and is free to the public (42 hours/week). The performances are intermittent & often linked to the themed art exhibitions.

TAP has a long history of participating in many local community programs. Situated in Sydney's inner city fringe of Surry Hills, close to OXFORD ST , this village' includes much of the gay and lesbian community and is an area rich with art institutions, art students, practicing artists and creative services.

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