All This Panic: NYC Teenagers Get Real in New Documentary

Published by: Yuri Snell / Curtin University | 9-Oct-2017
A lush, intimate and cinematic look into the lives of teenagers as they grow into young adults in New York City. New documentary "All This Panic" debuted last week at Tribeca Film Festival and has already received raving reviews. Praised for its honest portrayal, the film explores the thoughts and behaviours of teenagers looking for their place and purpose in the world.
Husband and Wife Duo, Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton follow the pivotal adolescent years of a group of teenage girls over a three year period. The documentary presents issues and experiences as real and familiar to anyone who has transitioned from childhood to adulthood.

In a world where teenagers believe "they want to see us but they don"t want to hear us", the girls discuss sexuality, mental health, their relationship with their parents and plans to go to college (or not).

The group speak candidly to the camera. Like a personal diary, they are unafraid to be honest and to be themselves. Their voices, feelings and experiences are all it takes to tell the story.

"All this Panic" is brilliant and moving in its portrayal of authentic teenage angst. Reminiscing back on my own transition from a young teenager to now a young adult, I look back and can relate to so many of the issues discussed within the film. It brought a tear to my eye in some scenes and a smile on my face in others. In my opinion, this documentary is a must see.

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