Alex Watts attempts to woo himself in new video for 'Hopeful' and announces May residency supports

Published by: Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 22-Apr-2016
Alex Watts blends dance with musical drama, in his light-hearted new video for - Hopeful. With the streets of Northcote as the backdrop, Watts takes you on a journey of courtship and doubt. @biggalexwatts @BiggAlexWatts #AlexWattshasaForeignTongue
Channeling the retro soul spirit of 'Hopeful', the video pays a tongue in cheek tribute to West Side Story, with Watts exploring both gender roles in the pursuit of love.

"Hopeful is a back and forth conversation in which a man is trying to court a woman, who is tempted, but has reservations. I thought it would be fun if for the video I play both characters - an idea that grew from buying a cheap frock and doing some quick edits, to the spectacle that you see, along with hiring two incredible dancers, Ben Hancock and James Andrews. The clip is basically a tribute to West Side Story "“ but with drag queens."

Directed by Cesar Rodrigues the video was shot in a single 16 hour day with Watts enlisting choreographer Chafia Brookes to help produce the colorful dance sequence performed by himself and backup dancers Ben Hancock and James Andrews. The presented effect is a heightened sense of ridiculousness about the push and pull of courtship and flirting.

Eager to bring new tracks to life from the forthcoming album, Alex Watts has gathered some of his favourite local artists for a month long residency at The Grace Darling Hotel on Wednesdays in May. Joining Watts will be the Current Earthly Embodiment of the Protector of The Natural Universe, Mandek Penha bringing you his music of praise. The surf/garage instrumental force that is The Bluebottles, Melbourne's favourite new electronic R&B trio Huntly, and last but not least Wyall Style alumni Frida, a dark indie-pop dream project featuring some of Australia's finest soul musicians. You don't have to dance but you can't stand still, so come join the party"¦

Alex Watts - May Residency - The Grace Darling - Collingwood

May 4 - Huntly + Seri Vida
May 11 - The Bluebottles
May 18 - Mandek Penha + Ubiq
May 25 - Frida
Tickets on the door only

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