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Against a Canvas Wall......

BY A. Priddle | 04-Feb-2014
....my studio and artists work space is an old cottage built from a recycled racetrack grandstand. It is lined with pressed metal sheets in a variety of patterns. This is the background constant on which this series of work is constructed, using paint on stretched canvas.....
Venue: Sheffer Gallery
Address: 38 Lander Street DARLINGTON NSW 2008
Date: May 19th - 31st 2014
Web: www.apriddle.net.au
'AquaWall' h69 x 75 cm. oil on canvas 2013.
courtesy the artist.
This is a series currently of some 30 paintings in various formats and sizes. Some are whimsical and humourous, and all are serious in intent. I require that my work will be accessible at some level to ANYONE who will look at something. An exhibition of this series is currently sceduled for May at Sheffer Gallery, Sydney. Please contact me for further information, or browse recent work and resume on my website....