Adult Recreational Drama Classes run by highly established drama school.

Published by: Drama With A Difference | 20-Jan-2018
Do you want to enhance your creativity, build confidence,, meet like minded people, and engage in a truly enjoyable form of stress release? Join this recreational drama class that meets once a week in Kew.
Venue: The Blackbox Theatre
Address: 26 Sackville Street Kew, Melbourne
Date: Thursdays from 25 Jan-29 March
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Ticket: $420 for 10 weeks - We can pro-rata your fee if you start late.
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 407091591
Drama With A Difference is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. It has successfully operated for over twenty years, and is the launching pad of many successful actors. Our students have appeared in major and guest roles in feature films, just about every Australian TV series in the past twenty years, endless commercials and professional theatre productions.

We are equally committed to running drama classes for people who are interested in acting for recreational purposes. Our recreational drama class is attended by adults of all ages and from a wide demographic. They all come together on an equal playing field, to learn the skills of acting for a wide variety of reasons.

Some students are thinking about taking acting seriously at some later stage, and this is a great way to begin. However, most of the students in this class are employed in other professions and / or trades and just want to do drama for fun and of course, to learn the tricks of the trade. Others come to improve upfront presentation skills needed for work purposes.

Whatever your reason, or age, you are welcome at our Recreational Drama Class, where students of all ages come together and work as a group.

Most adults give the feedback that these classes provide them with much needed stress release. Drama in this kind of environment is fun!

You will learn the skills of improvisation (coming up with ideas on the spot), how to create a character different from yourself through voice and movement skills. You will learn voice exercises that will improve your vocal quality, and work on group devised and pre-written scripts. All of this is done in a non-competitive, nurturing environment where the focus is on personal best.

This course is taught by one of senior teachers, who has thirty years experience as a professional actor and teacher. All the details of the teacher's background, our approach and philosophy, the background of our school - and anything else you want to know can be found on our website.

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