Adelaide Fringe show: Passengers, A dark circus of bodies, metal, and sensuality.

Published by: Samantha Tipler | 12-Feb-2020
Max wants to tell you a story. He's not entirely sure why, or even who he is; savage, peacekeeper or critic? Passengers, by UK award-winning trans artist Kit Redstone and director Jessica Edwards, explores in ensemble the epic battles within the psyche and the beautiful power of the mind to protect itself, inviting you to see the self in a new way. Passengers is a semi-autobiographical dark comedy about the epic battles and alliances within the psyche and the power of the mind to protect itself from pain. @adlfringe @kryiaarts @kitredstone @VacuumTheatre
Venue: The RCC Union Cinema
Address: Adelaide University
Date: Feb 14 - March 15, 2020
Time: 7pm
Ticket: $20 - $35
Buy / Ticket:
Call: +44 (0)7843 560 139
Using their trademark blend of comedy, tragedy, playfulness and heart, Vacuum Theatre shows us that by understanding that we all have multiple, complex personalities, we can have more compassion and understanding for ourselves and each other.

Kit Redstone has a mild form of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This complex psychological condition, previously known as multiple personality disorder, is a way that the mind copes with too much stress. It can make people feel uncertain about their identity and who they are, and they may feel the presence of several distinct identities.

Whilst going through therapy, Kit was introduced to an approach called Internal Family Systems which works on the understanding that we are all made up of different sub personalities. These have different goals and motivations and different levels of maturity, excitability, wisdom and pain. We also have a core, undamaged, resourceful self, and if we can access and work with that self it is a safe, effective way to heal other, hurt parts of the mind

Through the character(s) of Max and his interaction with the audience PASSENGERS aims to de-stigmatise the often-misunderstood diagnosis of trauma related DID and link it to a common experience shared by all. Ultimately allowing us to view ourselves as multi-faceted, fluid and changeable in our identities and ideologies.

Since childhood I've always loved telling stories,' Kit said, As a transgender man, I am particularly interested in the complexities of identity and PASSENGERS is my way of addressing that.

Kit Redstone is an award-winning London-based writer, director and performer who has worked in Greece, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Canada and Brazil. His internationally acclaimed theatre show and 2017 Fringe hit Testosterone received multiple 5 and 4 star reviews, won The Pleasance Indie Award for Best Theatre Show, the Highly Commended Award at Vault Festival and was shortlisted for The Samuel Beckett Award. A refreshing, genuinely smart piece of work full of undercutting humour' Lyn Gardner on Testosterone.

Jessica Edwards is a freelance director and Artistic Director of Flipping the Bird. She has associate directed for the Almeida, the Jamie Lloyd Company, the Young Vic and in the West End. She is Director of drag-girl-super-group DENIM, who are associate artists of Soho Theatre. Recent directing includes: Denim: World Tour (Soho Theatre / Underbelly); Punts (Theatre503); Revolutions (Arcola / Old Vic Lab); The Gulf (Old Vic Lab); Torch(Latitude / Edinburgh Festival 2016); Haters Make You Famous (Almeida Theatre); Queering Marlowe (Jamie Lloyd Company / Duke of York's Theatre); White Hot & Weak (Old Vic New Voices Festival); The Box (Latitude / Theatre Delicatessen); The Itinerant Music Hall (Lyric Hammersmith / Watford Palace / GDIF / Latitude); Jekyll & Hyde (Southwark Playhouse / Assembly Edinburgh).

Passengers is written by Kit Redstone, developed with and directed by Jessica Edwards, wiith additional material by the ensemble. Performed by Justina Kehinde, Neil Chinneck and Kit Redstone.

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