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Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Exhibition

BY Adelaide Central School of Art | 02-Dec-2013
Uncharted Territory- 2013 BVA [Hons] & BVA graduate exhibition. Opening Saturday 14 December 2013 | 5.00 - 7.00pm . To be opened by Christopher Orchard, Associate Professor. Exhibition concludes 10 January 2014
BVA (hons) Lily Ahlefeldt, Caroline Georgiou, Irene Kontakos, Roger Myles, Lisa Nguyen, Jess Nolan, Courtney Rodgers and Jess Taylor BVA Cassie Broad, Nicholas Hanisch, Dominique Keeley, Bonnie Lawson, Monika Morgenstern, Maggie Moy, Cheryl Nolan, Paul Perry, Carol Robinson, Caroline Taylor, Robyn Tonkin, Ash Tower, Rosemary White and Ruth Wilson