Absolutely Famished

Published by: Deveta Patel | 5-Oct-2016
Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain.
Venue: LAB-14 Gallery, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton
Date: 13 October 2016 - 4 November 2016
Time: 9am - 5pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: www.carltonconnect.com.au/absolutely-famished
The next instalment of the Absolutely Famished project curated by the Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) to imagine the future of food in the 22nd century marketplace, is an artwork by the famous Hotham Street Ladies. Titled Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain, the piece addresses traditional food cultures which are giving way to western fast food, and issues surrounding food waste.

The Hotham Street Ladies present a mountain landscape of icing fries, sauce, nuggets and burgers which juxtaposes this contemporary food phenomenon with the traditional Korean "true-view" landscape painting movement, in which Korean artists broke from Chinese traditions to focus on their own cultural identity and depiction of Korean environment.

The opening on Thursday 13 October coincides with National Failure Day. On this launch night CCI and The Hotham Street Ladies invite guests to post photos, drawings and recipes on the LAB-14 Gallery walls sharing stories of weird and wonderful food failures, and to devour tasty treats made from surplus food with cocktails discovered by accident.

The Hotham Street Ladies combine innovation and contemporary critique with nostalgic or familiar elements that are accessible to a wide audience.

Absolutely Famished is a six-month project exploring what the consumer may encounter in the 22nd -century marketplace. Curated by Dr Renee Beale from the University of Melbourne's Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) LAB-14 Absolutely Famished brings together scientists, food researchers and artists to examine the role of technology and culture in creating nutritious, sustainable and secure food into the future.

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