A Three Course Long Lunch with the artist Anthony Van Lam ~ "ESPY" -

Published by: Chippendale Locals | 13-Jul-2017
A Three Course Long Lunch with the artist Anthony Van Lam ~ "ESPY" - This special event will be held Sunday 20 August 2017 from 1 - 3pm. Make reservations now! A great chance to learn about this amazing artist, fashion designer on how he gets his inspiration and also enjoy great food. It is a sit down meal in the multi-level art gallery. ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale.
Venue: ArtSHINE Industries 
Address: 3 Blackfriars Street
Date: Sunday 20 August 2017
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Ticket: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $64 per person Use code "ArtSHINE" for a $5 discount
Buy / Ticket: https://goo.gl/ngSrAH
Web: www.artshinegallery.com
: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1330959936973790/
: https://www.facebook.com/artshinegallery/
EMail: gallery@artshine.com.au
Call: 02 9698 9156
The well known fashion designer Anthony Van Lam will be exhibiting his fine Art work at ArtSHINE Gallery. Come see the inspirations that Anthony drives his creativity from. ArtSHINE Gallery will be exhibiting his collection of fine art on canvas and paper.

This is a great way to have a private viewing and Q&A while enjoying amazing food.

His subject matter explores the relationships between shadows, colours and organic shapes and has them intertwine into new unique worlds. Anthony knows how to work with the fundamentals of art and takes them to new levels. Each of his pieces carries more than one meaning. If the viewer looks closer one can find multiple meanings. He has a variety of animals and flowers with organic shapes to form the subjects of his art works.

Anthony enjoys using watercolour as his main media and with that comes a delicate hand, one of precision and strategic placement. The art works have a beauty in the soft textures and the subject that he depicts. He has been collected by many art lovers and has his own fashion design company that has worked with many celebrities. We are so very excited to have his collection exhibited in August. Save the month and come out to catch this master and his work. Anthony named this exhibition Espy, meaning to catch sight and to observe! What"s in front of you may not be around!

Use code "ArtSHINE" for a $5 discount

Hosted by Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex, and the ArtSHINE Gallery housed at CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator Chippendale Creative Precinct, City of Sydney.

With an inspired of "ESPY" a three course lunch created especially for the event by restauranteurs and culinary artisans Barefoot & Hungry, Anthony will share his recollections and inspirations with you as we relax, dine together, enjoy his works, and hear first hand about John"s art practice and passion for painting.

Sunday 20 August, 1pm to 3pm - A 3-course long lunch with artist Anthony Van Lam.


"ESPY" - meaning to catch sight and to observe!

This is Anthony"s second exhibition, he wants to create all things that he sees as beautiful and meaningful in his works and share his message " ESPY!". A message making time to enjoy what is around you! It"s only meaningful if you Observe !

What"s in front of you may not be around ! Life is short! We need to protect and preserve.

All things depend on each other to flourish

Give Respect! No regrets! Espy!

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