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A theatrical call to arms in the fight against climate change!

BY Leah Marshall | 10-Dec-2019
A fierce new production - ‘COLD WAR’, from MKA and internationally acclaimed, UK/Australian-based company Doppelgangster, will tour to Adelaide for the 2020 RCCFringe.

#punk #anarchist #resistance #apocalyptic #climatecrisis
Venue: Little Theatre
Address: Union House, Gate 10, Victoria Dr, Adelaide SA 5000
Date: 14 Feb-15 Mar
Time: 9pm
Ticket: $23-33
Buy / Ticket: thercc.com.au/cold-war
Web: thercc.com.au/cold-war
A theatrical call to arms in the fight against climate change!
Doppelgangster in 'Cold War' in Prague Fringe earlier this year.
Part gig, part theatre, part political intervention, this mesmeric two person show - blasts an unflinching light on the growing ecological disaster.

In Doppelgangster's COLD WAR two extraordinary performers jerk between intimate, private conversations and violent and anarchic experimental punk rock anthems. It’s a thrilling, hypnotic, phantasmagoric spectacle from the dusk of the climate crisis rooted in real climate science, impossible true stories, and unbridled anger.

Doppelgangster is one of the world’s leading environmental and political activist theatre companies and has staged controversial performances at UN Climate Talks, corporate expos, and public demonstrations - and this will be their first time in Adelaide, thanks to RCC and Melbourne's infamous MKA Theatre of New Writing.

Doppelgangster’s COLD WAR is created, directed and performed by Doppelgangster’s Dr Tom Payne (Performance Studies Academic and Ecological Raconteur) & Tobias Manderson-Galvin (cult performance maker, and one time terrorist threat); with composition from jazz luminary Jules Pascoe (JAZZPARTY, Husky, On Diamond).