A Nationwide Registry of Professional Art Installers

Published by: Art Installer Network | 26-Aug-2016
A co-operative of North American professional art installers has been form. Art Installer Network has compiled a 1000 member database of installers and uses it to refer the closest, most experienced installer to any given project. Centralized scheduling and billing combined with the use of local, free lance installers is lowering the price of installation services throughout the country.
Art installation service providers are locally based. There are a few larger companies which do business in multiple large cities, but their coverage is limited and their fees are high. There is now a registry of the freelance installers throughout North America. Art Installer Network has compiled a 1000 member list and cross-references their locations and skills sets with the art projects location and scope. Scheduling and billing are centralized and the prices are standardized. Art installation services are now accessible and affordable.

For more information, go to http://artinstallernetwork.com

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