A Motley Burlesque Crew take on a Motley Revue this Halloween in Fitzroy!

Published by: Lauren Bok | 13-Oct-2019
Melbourne's newest club for alternative burlesque opens with a spooky bang! Hosted by comedians Lauren Bok and NIcole Henriksen, featuring wild, wonderful, hilarious burlesque and variety acts from newbies to the finest established performers, all exploring the boundaries of burlesque in an action packed night of mayhem and chaos! Join the cult of Linda at the intimate Motley Bauhaus in Fitzroy, be a part of something special and extraordinary for Halloween Night!
Venue: The Motley Bauhaus
Address: Address: 102 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068
Date: Thursday 31st October
Time: 8pm
Ticket: $20
Buy / Ticket: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=562585
Web: http://themotley.com.au/
A spectacular night of comedy, burlesque and spooky tease is coming to the Motley Bauhaus in Fitzroy on Halloween night. Local comedians Lauren Bok and Nicole Henriksen have assembled the newest, funniest babes to take on the Motley Bauhaus in a revue like no other!

Burlesque as an art form has enjoyed a revival, and now more than ever there are new acts, new ideas and experiments taking place all over the city. Preparet to be gobsmacked and possibly smacked in the gob by a wandering tassle!

The intimate space in the Motley Bauhaus is an exciting venue to bring you closer to the performers than ever, plus spooky drinks, prizes for best dressed, and an absolutely fantastic night that will leave you rigour morris, guuurrrl.

Lauren Bok and Nicole Henrisken are Lindas, you're a Linda, we are all Lindas. What are we talking about? You'll have to find out!

Come to the Motley Revue and get ready for the best Halloween Burlesque show in town!

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