A Mask Unlike the Face - Portrait Paintings Exhibition of Adel Sadodin - d"Angers Gallery - Semnan-Iran

Published by: Farzad Shariatpanahi | 21-Nov-2017
It is our pleasure and honor to welcome you to the opening of "A Mask Unlike the Face', a solo portrait paintings exhibition by Adel Sadodin, at d"Aangers Gallery in Semnan-Iran
Venue: d"Angers gallery
Address: Mirhaj St.- Qaem Blvd.-Semnan-Iran
Date: 24-Nov-17
Time: 6-8 pm
Ticket: Free admission
Web: www.dangers.gallery
The d"Angers Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to our upcoming solo exhibition "A Mask Unlike the Face", a collection of portrait paintings of Adel Sadodin. Curator: Dr. Javid Ramezani

Artist's Statement:

Soul is the only thing left from painting, this does not mean that it has possessed something more, I mean the possibility of discovering good paintings through other ways is obliterated. A good painter is always looking for a way to vitalize the image out of his unique existence and life; the first priority is his inner journey and pilgrimage; the construction of his self; and not through concatenation of ideas and the games of forms. Such a view, after the desiccation of the retinal possibilities, has affected our ways of thinking about painting and the treasures of its history, now painting has greater demands; invites us to deal with it, not just as eyes, but as our whole existence, our sensual and intellectual existence we have strived to develop, it ultimately refers us to somewhere outside itself and makes us watch its history, not as the succession of styles and shapes, but through the spiritual quality of the paintings left from the presence of the painter.

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