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(A)mare Conchiglie a new work about migrants by the international artists Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser

BY Peter Dolloway | 11-Jul-2015
A new interesting art piece in Rome with elderly Italian migrants and African migrants arrived from the sea.
(A)mare Conchiglie Performance by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
Hundreds of migrants drowned in the Mediterranean this year, amid a surge in overcrowded boats heading for Europe from Libya. In Nettuno, by the seaside south from Rome, Italian based performance artists Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser present their new work involving elderly Italian migrants and African migrants arrived from the sea. “We want the audience to be directly connected to their stories. They have to listen from these voices what it really means escaping from war and death, remaining alone in this World at 15 and having the strength to not surrender to desperation and not lose hope”. The performance art took place in the middle of the Mediterranean Migration Crisis when Europe is struggling to assist people in need while securing its borders and the internal debate about immigration turning racist. “We shall never forget that hundred years ago the Italian migrants were those who drowned in the sea during their desperate trips to America”.

“(A)mare conchiglie” , the title, suggest a play on words on such a heartbreaking work: these stories are the shells (conchiglie) form the sea (mare) that are bitter (amare) to be loved (amare).