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A life-sized storybook of imagination and wonder - The House of Dreaming

BY Magda Petkoff | 12-Oct-2012
A house is awoken from its slumber – its dreams and personality come to life when visitors rouse it from its deep sleep. The House of Dreaming is a magical interactive house that draws children into the possibilities of what once was and what could be.
Venue: The MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Ticket: $20
Buy / Ticket: melbournefestival.com.au
Web: http://www.arenatheatre.com.au/show/the-house-of-dreaming
Call: Ticketmaster 136 100

The brainchild of one of Australia’s leading theatre makers for young people, Arena Theatre Company, The House of Dreaming is a ground-breaking new work that will delight children and adults alike, and is suitable for those over five years of age.

This immersive journey into the landscape of dreams is a sensory feast that plays on the natural curiosity and playfulness of children. In groups of three, visitors enter this surreal and wonderful journey into a life-sized three-dimensional house. This world premiere production opens Tuesday 23 October until Saturday 27 October at The MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio.

The House of Dreaming is nine interconnected rooms, each with a distinct aesthetic, inspired by the language and imagination of dreams – a crowded, dusty attic with objects that come alive; a cave filled with exquisite robotic silk flowers; a living room whose walls change colour as it is traversed.

Using an innovative combination of robotics, architecture, performers, projections, audio and light-and-sound-sensitive detectors, this work will form an unprecedented interactive environment that rewards the curious, creating a truly unique adventure through an otherworldly landscape.

Arena’s Artistic Director Chris Kohn has assembled a team of leading Australian artists, including Matt Gardiner, developer of ‘oribotics’ (origami robotics), designer Danielle Brustman, composer Jethro Woodward, video designer Martyn Coutts and lighting designer Richard Vabre. Developed through a series of workshops with primary schools in Victoria, the team has spent three years developing sophisticated interactive systems which allow light, sound, video and robotics to respond to the movement and actions of the participants.

Arena Theatre Company’s work fulfills the promise of live theatre, fostering experiences that are surprising, fertile, explosive, dangerous and inspiring; generating extraordinary spaces brimming with truth and lies, where contemporary human experiences can be uniquely expressed, felt and reinvented.

Venue: The MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Dates: Tue 23 Oct; 6pm – 9pm (last session 8pm), Wed 24 – Sat 27 Oct; 9am – 12pm; 1pm – 5pm; 6pm – 9pmbr /> Sessions: Sessions begin every 30 min Up to 30 visitors can enter the House per session Visitors enter in groups of threebr /> Duration: Up to one hourbr /> Tickets: $20br /> Bookings: Ticketmaster 136 100 / melbournefestival.com.au