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A Legally Blind Photographer is Possible.

BY Tammy Ruggles. | 14-Jul-2015
For years I thought fine art photography was impossible because of a blinding disease known as RP. But in 2013 a point-and-shoot digital camera set on auto and a 47-inch computer screen changed that. Feel free to view my work at my DeviantArt site, friend me on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter. @tammyruggles1. #legallyblindphotographer #tammyruggles1
Grazing, by Tammy Ruggles.
I shoot black and white because I see best in high contrast, and yes, the world is extremely blurry to me, but in the last 2 years I've been steadily taking pictures while I can.

My photos have been published in literary journals, art magazines, and photography publications around the world. I want others to see what is possible when you meet a challenge in a different way.