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A Crafted History People and Place

BY Jane O'Neill | 19-Nov-2015
Five contemporary female artists have collaborated with local people and communities over the last twelve months to craft new art work exploring some of the many stories about Ringwood and the surrounding area. Paintings, moving image, embroidery, quilting, weavings, sculpture and installations respond to place and making, people and art. A Crafted History: People and Place is both an exhibition and a fascinating series of events and activities about the wealth of knowledge in our collective social fabric.
Venue: A Crafted History People and Place ArtSpace Realm
Address: 175 Maroondah Highway Ringwood VIC 3134 / Melways map ref: 49G8
Time: Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm Weekends: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Web: www.artsinmaroondah.com.au
Siri Hayes, photo by Andy Drewitt
As part of the exhibition, ArtSpace Realm will be hosting a series of events and activities that resonate with the themes in the exhibition. The public program, including a range of talks, workshops and activities, celebrates the wealth of knowledge in our collective social fabric.

Artists Penelope Aitken, Anna Farago, Siri Hayes, Sophie Xeros-Constantinides and Elvis Richardson have worked across the local Maroondah area to create a richly varied series of work for A Crafted History. Their explorations and collaborations have included:

  • a weaving project between Siri Hayes and students from the Rudolf Steiner School in Warranwood
  • Penelope Aitken’s hunt with Botanist Graeme Lorimer for the endangered Swamp Everlasting flower
  • a quilt by Anna Farago and Maroondah Handicrafts Inc which incorporates natural dyes from local plants and denim from local op shops
  • a creative painting workshop by Sophia Xeros-Constantinides with new mothers from Maroondah challenged by their experiences of birth and post birth
  • a call by Elvis Richardson to the local community, inviting them to donate discarded video tapes which she has used in a VHS sculpture representing the collective video memories of the Maroondah community.