"They live for us- The Yellows"

Loveneesh Sharma / Self-taught | 16-May-2018
"They live for us" - is an observation and imaginative view about the indispensable objects around us in our mundane life. How we are connected and dependable to them consciously and unconsciously is a matter of the way, how we treat them.
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"They live for us -The Yellows", phone camera, (c)Loveneesh Sharma
They Live For Us!!!......

"The Yellows"

And suddenly they started stepping in....

Ummmmaaahhh!!!!(Yawning and waking up)

Good Morning, haaah.......... uummm...... um..... (started opening eyes)

All are in yellows........and are fellows!
"Oh they are coming!" They say...

Men, women, children, young guys and girls, Old, handicap, fat and frail,
Beautiful and Unbathed, Rich and Poor,
In love, anger, sorrow.......on phone............with headphones, Gossips, talks, push and chafe their shoulders...........rolling eye balls here and there........searching unsaid communication.....peeping out the windows on the way....where they travel!!!!! The yellows travel with them!!!!

All holding them with fair, dark, soft, hard, bulgy, and skinny hands!!

Dangling here and there their selves, sometimes free and sometimes in the grip of tight Clinches!!!...........with golden rings in fingers........with bracelets, watches, hand bands and sacred threads in their wrists.......they hold them....with a trust that they would hold them without knowing them even, without asking them for their creed, cast and sex.....

"Yes, they live for us".........unconditionally.

Their morning start with us and end with us too.... they also dangle their heads here and there....gossiping about people who hold them.

And finally in late evening when journey comes to an end they again yawn for their sleep.... with an unspoken satisfaction to serve for the humanity unconditionally...

In our day to day life we are connected to many indispensible objects. Though we use them daily but never are sensitive and aware about them. The above mentioned is a circumstance of people travelling in bus, where when they start to step in these hanging handles dangle their heads suppose to waking up. Later on as the journey starts lot many people travel standing in bus and hold them in different ways. These handles I name them "The Yellows".

Artist is a sensitive fellow who usually travel in bus in his daily routine and experienced and observed the conversation among these handles. They laugh, become annoyed, they tease even. But serve the society in an absolute way.

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