"THE MOZART PROJECT" - Rebirth & The Testament.

Published by: The Association of Young Artists of Montenegro | 15-Sep-2020
Listen to the dramatization of W. A. Mozart's letters and an excerpt from the will of T. F. Closset with electronic music originally composed for this audio drama.
The Association of Young Artists of Montenegro recently produced an audio drama - "The Mozart Project" - a collaboration between Montenegrin and Australian artists.

In its dichotomy of fictional and documentary, classical and electronic, this audio project seeks to revive the great maestro and show him through the prism of modern age.

The most compelling excerpts from Mozart's letters are integrated into poetry while Closset is an imaginary character, Mozart's doctor, and his will is fictional.

About The Association:

The Association of Young Artists was founded in 2017 with the aim of systematically organizing young artists in Montenegro.

The first step towards this was the establishment of the Montenegro Youth Orchestra as the first youth orchestra in Montenegro, after a successful series of performances and production of new pieces of contemporary art music, the Montenegrin Youth Orchestra has become the representative of Montenegro in the 'European Orchestra Federation¬Ě.

In 2019, AYAM establishes the Festival of Young Artists 19 in which it combines in a contemporary repertoire: theater, music, fine arts, as well as lectures on the subject of arts and culture among young people.

AYAM is specifically interested in alternative theater, contemporary art music and 'new art''.

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