Published by: Anselm Sesugh Ngutsavenergies | 30-Oct-2016
Energies, friendship and the festival that concocts them and more!
Date: 15-19 November
Web: http://www.akefestival.org/
Call: +234 8029258084
Did you ask about #thatAkeFestival?

Ake Art and Book Festival is around the corner again. Writer and Photographer Sesugh Anselm Ngutsav who is currently a presenter/producer of the only Literary Art radio program in Northern Nigeria; the program described as the most consistent in this area across the country, with international reach via its online streaming platform www.libertytvradio.com shares interesting images of Ake Festival from the 2014.

Sesugh Ngutsav who was acknowledged this year in the UNESCO #wordsofTolerance photo contest among the first 15 best images across the globe has been featured in the national daily, Daily Trust Newspaper's Book Shelf column few months ago, 2016. He currently runs literary activities and events in Kaduna state, Nigeria alongside writing, photography and few others.

He currently shares his images on Instagram: @Ngutsav, Twittter: Ngutsav1 and Facebook where he uses his full name.

He hopes to share the images with the hashtag #thatAkeFestival in order to contribute his quota to the publicity of Ake Art and Book Festival and as well encourage the growth of literary arts in Nigeria.

Sesugh advises those who appear in his images to freely use them or re-post freely with the simple regard for credit.

PurpleSilver Community hopes you enjoy the images and feel free to request higher resolution versions of any whether they appear here or not. His coverage of the event was a competition between extensive and intensive dimensions of still picture documentary of Ake Festival 2014.


Bringing a creative whirlwind to the rocky hills of Abeokuta, Ake Festival is five days of cultural immersion. Novelists, poets, dancers, actors, illustrators, activists, musicians, artists and thinkers storm the historic city and share their work and their ideas.

The fourth edition of Ake Arts and Book Festival will take place at the Arts and Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta on 15-19 November, 2016. This year's theme is Beneath This Skin and conversations will focus on identity, race and individuality. We will also be looking at Erotica, prison stories and horror fiction coming out of Africa.

As part of our aim to develop, promote and celebrate creativity on the African continent, Ake Festival 2016 will feature 18 authors in 9 book chats, 2 art exhibitions, 1 stage play, 1 in-depth interview, school visits, 12 stimulating panel discussions, 5 film screenings, 4 creative workshops, 1 music concert, a tour of historic sites and a night of poetry performance. Book-lovers and visitors will be thrilled by the range of affordable books at the Ake Festival Bookstore.

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