'Tali' Aboriginal Group Exhibition

Published by: Mitchell Fine Art | 9-Nov-2018
Mitchell Fine Art's final exhibition for 2018 showcases Aboriginal paintings which explore connection to country and the influence of the rich landscape of Central Australia. Australian Aboriginal art depicts various elements of traditional culture. Connection to country holds a particular significance to Aboriginal people. This exhibition echoes the almost metaphysical relationship to country and its place within Aboriginal society and psyche. @mitchellfineartgallery #tali #country #Aboriginal #art #tradition
Venue: Mitchell Fine Art
Address: 86 Arthur St, Brisbane, Australia
Date: 14th Nov - 22nd Dec 2018
: https://www.facebook.com/mitchellfineartgallery
Call: 732542297
From the Pintubi language of Central Australia Tali' translates to Sandhill' or Country'. The relationship with the landscape holds a place of significance for Aboriginal people that has developed as a result of an intense link to the land over tens of thousands of years. It goes beyond the physical. There is a reciprocal relationship between the land and its inhabitants that is a determinant in the health and well-being of both.

In today's modern world we see a disconnect with nature and our physical environment. Within Aboriginal society it is critical to maintain this connection to ensure the ongoing health of culture and tradition. Art has become a significant platform to continue this relationship. It is a visual dialogue that continues to be explored as artists interpret country and visually narrate their explanations of land and its importance to them.

There is a mystical connection to the land and its very real impact on the social, mental, physical and psychological foundations of Aboriginal culture.

The works in this exhibition are strongly influenced by the rich landscape of homelands in Central Australia, each depicting stories of sacred dreamings within the tapestries of landscape.

The exhibition is showing from 14th November until 22nd December 2018 at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley Brisbane.

A Directors Talk will be held in the gallery on Saturday 1st December from 2pm. There will be no opening night for this exhibition.

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Mitchell Fine Art is located at 86 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The gallery is open 6 days a week with onsite parking available.

To view the exhibition online visit www.mitchellfineartgallery.com.

For enquiries phone (07) 3254 2297 or email gallery@mitchellfineartgallery.com.

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