'Structura' by Regine Schwarzer

Published by: Bridget Kennedy | 15-Aug-2019
A geologically inspired collection of wearable objects...
Venue: Bridget Kennedy Project Space
Address: 53 Ridge Street North Sydney 2060
Date: 26 September - 19 October
Ticket: FREE
Regine Schwarzer's 'Structura' explores the possibilities and opportunities of natural occurrences, drawing inspiration from rocks, minerals and landscape formations. Schwarzer studies the internal crystalline patterns and crafts metal objects to adorn body and space by discovering, deconstructing, assembling and interpreting these shapes and patterns.

Born in Germany, Schwarzer grew up in Bavaria, training in jewellery making and metalwork at the Zeichenakademie Hanau one of the oldest training institutions in Europe. Schwarzer's move to Australia in 1993 profoundly influenced her work, for she discovered a passion for rocks and minerals, which occur in abundance here. Inspired by the colours and structures of these minerals, she learned how to shape them and uses them often in her work. By designing and constructing both jewellery and objects that reference and utilize gems and minerals she investigates the term precious as it is often attributed to certain materials

On display at Bridget Kennedy Project Space from 26th September to the 19th October. Gallery hours are 11-5, Wednesday - Saturday.

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