'Ruby Hates Jackson Pollock' Season 2

Published by: Josephine Meaney | 30-Nov-2019
The second season of curator Ruby Ellam's Melbourne based podcast arrives on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts in January 2020. 'Ruby Hates Jackson Pollock' was developed as a part of Monash's school of Art, Design and Architecture and interviewed young, upcoming artists, designers, filmmakers and others from all corners of the Melbourne scene. This upcoming season features ten fortnightly full length episodes including fan favourites from the first season as well as new, fresh faces to the podcast. #melbourne #podcast #curating #upcomingartists #rubyellam
Melbourne-based podcast 'Ruby Hates Jackson Pollock' is returning in January 2020 for its second season after its popular first season attracting an unexpected response in its short ten-week run. The podcast featured a range of young, intersectional creatives, interviewed about the worst part of their respective careers. The open and casual conversations between the curator and her guests were well received by art professionals and those not in the loop.

The first season was created as part of Monash University's school of Art, Design and Architecture. Host Ruby Ellam developed the podcast as a curatorial action for her Bachelor of Art History and Curating. After the unexpected success of the first season, the curator returns with a range of new artists, filmmakers, writers, curators and other creatives to examine the lives of young, upcoming Melburnians. All guests and their practices reside in the perimeters of the Melbourne creative scene and discuss this openly with the host, turning the gaze back onto the institutions that they contend with.

The limited series podcast is available for fifty full listens per episode before it is changed to a private file and only accessible by a shared link. This link is available on request and will be shared with the artist interviewed so that they can share at their discretion (or not at all). The limiting of the podcast's reach is a deliberate act in redefining the audience to the artist themselves and who they wish to communicate with. As the podcast is positioned as critical of institutions and industries, as well as speaking to personal details of their experiences as an intersectional person, the guests are asked to put themselves at certain level of vulnerability. By restricting access, it places a more exclusive value on the conversation and back into the hands of the guest. This interesting curatorial action makes the podcast both entertaining as well as a new form of art-making.

Full length episodes of the podcast return on January 25th 2020. A mini-episode will also be released on Christmas Eve, discussing upcoming guests, topics and snippets for the anticipated second season. All episode and guest information is available on the podcast website and Instagram. To listen to Season 1, find 'Ruby Hates Jackson Pollock on Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.

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