''RELIC'' Relic of San Gennaro

Published by: Raffaele Ciotola | 25-Dec-2020
ART AND FAITH ''RELIC'' Work of art by Maestro Raffaele Ciotola. The HIV-positive artist Ciotola fills the relic of San Gennaro with his own blood.
Art and life intersect more than ever in the latest painting created by Maestro Ciotola: Relic; a so strong intertwining that the painting not only represents but becomes a real reliquary, containing the artist's own blood (HIV-positive) used as pigment. Ciotola's daring decision to identify his blood with that of St. Gennaro was not made out of presumption, but because the Saint himself has always identified with his people. And as a native son of the Neapolitan people who has been living away from his homeland for years, Raffaele Ciotola feels the need to rediscover that blood bond that connects him to his people, who are one with the Saint. A gesture of entrustment, placing his own blood in front of San Gennaro, his own life with its history as well as its memories, its sorrows, its joys, but above all its hopes for the future.

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