"Release from Heaven" Wins "Animatoin that Matters" Award in Cannes 2017

Published by: Josephine Mandier | 31-May-2017
Iranian Miyazaki, Ali Noori Oskouei won the best animation award called "Animation that Matters" at Animation Day in Cannes film festival for his fabulous feature animation "Release from Heaven". #animation day #Ali Noori Oskouei #Cannes
"Release from Heaven", directed by Ali Noori Oskouei, is an eye catching mixed-technique animation that blurs the lines between imagination, storytelling and reality. The film which has been internationally acclaimed was the opening film of this year Animation Day in Cannes which narrates a touching story of a woman teacher and writer who lives in a war torn country and has to accompany two of her students to find their parents.

"This is a film which has been made for adult audience to remind them how innocent children are brutally being deprived of their imagination in our world. To make audience feel what's going on nowadays around us I decided to use two different techniques to separate two worlds of reality and imagination." Ali Noori Oskouei quoted as saying.

Oskouie who is known as a leading figure in Iranian Animation is the only director who has shown scenes of hugging and kissing in his film. The film which was premiered in Cannes has also been selected in other festivals including Toronto Film Festival, European International Film Festival, Accolade Global Film Festival and Los Angeles CineFest.

Though he has several projects to work on, Oskouei says that his next project is a horror live action fiction film called "Encounter". The film which is based on a true story tells a story of a teenage girl who does not dare to sleep.

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