"Misplacement", a Solo by Sahar Alizadeh in Sakoo Art School

Published by: Biafarin Inc. | 16-Jan-2019
Sakoo Art School host "Misplacement"; a painting series, by Sahar Alizadeh. #Biafarin @Biafarinart #SakooArtSchool #Misplacement #Art #Painting #PaintingExhibition
Venue: Sakoo Art School
Web: https://live.biafarin.com/?CNTID=965449530
Sahar Alizadeh, an interior architecture student spent the last year creating "Misplacement" series. Beside focusing in coordination of artworks, Sahar has given deep thoughts to lighting and interior design of her first solo exhibition to covey her message to the viewer.

In a talk about the exhibition, she says: "In our modern society, nothing looks like what it supposed to be, I tried to show this "Misplacement" to people with shadows and figures with no identity and characteristics. "Misplacement" series is a reaction to empty spaces and exaggeration in our daily life.", she added.

The exhibition will be on view in Sakoo Art School on 18 Jan. 2019 and people can experience "Misplacement" through exhibition live page at: https://live.biafarin.com/?CNTID=965449530

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