'Interiority of My Introspection' - Solo Exhibition by Kenneth W H LEE

Published by: Catherine Burns | 7-Aug-2019
Join Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex as we celebrate opening the solo exhibition 'Interiority of My Introspection' by Visual Artist Kenneth W H Lee.

About The Exhibition

As we speed through our lives and the banality of our routines, lets pause for a moment"¦ Pause enough to share an afternoon with Kenneth W H Lee in an introspective journey of his expressive art.

In his maiden solo exhibition, 'Interiority of My Introspection', KWHL showcases abstracts and impressionist landscapes capturing the beauty and vastness of our surrounds. KWHL's paintings explore and expose both the singularity of self, set amongst mother nature, and the appreciation of her exquisite aesthetics in our lifelong pursuit of love and happiness.

Malaysian-born artist and expressionist KWHL weaves symbolic and metaphorical representations of human interactions, and/or self, through emotionally raw and visual narratives employing rich colour and space. The exhibition is a selection of emotionally charged abstracts and impressionist landscapes inspired by various people and events in his life.

While obsessed with the power of light and its exquisite effects, KWHL also finds beauty in voids designed with spatial integrity, delicately balanced by the equilibrium of the dance of moody hues amplified by textural harmony. This technique invokes a melancholic feel with a subconscious uplifting notion of inspiration.

KWHL, a self-taught artist lives and works in Sydney, balancing his working life between being the head of a boutique corporate advisory firm, MM Advisory attached to the law firm Madison Marcus, and as a professional artist. KWHL holds a Sydney University bachelor's degree with a double major in Economics & Accounting and a minor in Commercial Law & Tax. KWHL is also a passionate foodie and an accomplished sous-chef who loves his sports and the outdoors.

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