***Highlighting ~ David Howell - One of the four artists in Suspicious Beginnings Exhibition. ~

Published by: Mickie with ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale | 15-Jun-2017
Highlighting ~ David Howell - One of the four artists in Suspicious Beginnings Exhibition. Bringing together 4 artists for this magnificent exhibition that has steel sculpture, paintings and photography all in one group show. ***Exhibition has been extended until the end of the month of June!!! @ ArtSHINE Gallery located 3 Blackfriars Street ~ Chippendale, NSW 2008
Venue: ArtSHINE Gallery
Address: 3 Blackfriars Street
Time: Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 05:00PM Saturday - Sunday 11:00AM - 3.00PM
Ticket: FREE
Web: https://www.artshinegallery.com/artist/?id=774
: https://www.facebook.com/artshinegallery/
: https://www.instagram.com/artshinegallery/
EMail: gallery@artshine.com.au
Call: 02 9698 9156
~ David Howell - One of the four artists in Suspicious Beginnings Exhibition.

David Howell sculptures have been collected by many and can currently be seen art ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale. Each piece that he creates tells a story or has a humors interpretation. The viewer is drawn into each sculpture by the highly intricate technical skill. "Howell arrived from the West after a varied patchwork of years, to study sculpture at COFA. Working with metal, concrete and other sundry things that fired his imagination he went on to cast his own car from ferro cement. Subsequently winning the Whites Wires sculpture prize he was provided with some more materials useful in the production of masonry artworks."

The reception brought in a huge crowd and the owners of ArtSHINE Gallery decided to extend the exhibition until the end of JUNE!

We encourage you to bring a friend and come down to the gallery we will be open M-F from 10-5 Sat and Sun from 11-3.

~Make a great day with collecting an art piece from ArtSHINE Gallery then going for dinner @ Kindred.

Kindred Restaurant is right down the street, a family owned local eatery serving handcrafted Italian inspired food. ~Mention: ARTSHINE When you have dinner for an fun surprise gift!

Make a reservation online www.kindredrestaurant.com.au

Exhibition includes 4 artists:

Adam Graham
David Howell
Julie Pozdeev
Olga Nowicka

Community partnership:

Kindred Restaurant located at 137 Cleveland St, Darlington NSW 2008.  Make a reservation online www.kindredrestaurant.com.au 

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