'From This Place' - Book and exhibition features the inspiring women artists of the Upper Yarra Valley

Published by: Lindy Schneider | 10-May-2017
From This Place reveals the unique stories and images of fourteen incredible local women artists that will inspire the artist in everyone. With a book and exhibition launching 1 September in the Yarra Valley this project is the work of Angela Rivas, photographer and Lindy Schneider, writer.
Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre
Address: 3409 Warburton Highway, Warburton 3799
Date: 1 September 2017 to 5 October 2017
Time: Launch at 7pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: www.fromthisplace.net
: https://www.facebook.com/fromthisplaceYarraValley/
: www.lindyschneider.com.au
: www.lunasolphotography.com
EMail: lindy@lindyschneider.com.au
Call: 417365697
The From This Place project reveals the unique stories and images of fourteen incredible local women that will inspire the artist in everyone.  There are painters and poets, potters and scenographers, sculptors and authors and artists that have so many layers it"s difficult to hold them in any one definition. These women are important, their work matters.

Lindy and Angela started this project more than two years ago in a moment of shared inspiration. Both of us had an idea - we were curious why we lived among so many talented women artists and we wanted to find out why. We wanted to elevate our fellow women artists, to raise their profiles in a world where it is often hard to cut through. One of the most telling moments of research we found was the statistic that only 5% of artists hanging in permanent galleries worldwide were women. We took this fact and decided to do something about it, and where better to start than in our own beautiful region?

The FROM THIS PLACE BOOK - is approx. 128 pages hardcover (25 x 20 cm landscape) in full colour. This is a book of stories told in words and images - one could not exist without the other. Stories of courage, hope, love and togetherness. Stories of finally saying yes, of heartfelt longings set free to shape new lives, regardless of age, or stage, or medium.


We will be launching on Friday 1 September 2017 (confirmed) - the first day of spring!

The exhibition will feature 14 large scale portraits from the "essence" shoot. They are images you will fall into, and feel from the inside. They are creative, visionary and capture the uniqueness of each woman. They reveal a beauty that is essential, unequivocal, a gift to the world.

Our exhibition will run for 5 weeks at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre Warburton and we will launch the book at 7pm. Our exhibition will also run at the Yarra Valley Regional Museum in Lilydale in December and January (2018).


Belinda Rogers, Sioux Dollman, Marlee Nebauer, Jena Bedson, Maya Ward, Adrienne Kneebone, Kate Baker, Shlomit Moria, Indigo Perry, Gillian Farrow, Lucy Pierce, Jo Rothwell, Jenny Davis and Jeminah Alli Reidy. Profiles on www.fromthisplace.net

Angela Rivas is a fine art and commercial freelance and portrait photographer with AIPP standing. She has worked for lifestyle magazines and photographic studios and has a BA in Visual Arts. She did specialist teaching and runs workshops teaching people how to bond with their camera. She has a special interest in supporting women to shine, and loves her garden.


Lindy Schneider is a freelance writer. Her most recent book is "Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine - The story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine". She has a postgraduate qualification in writing, and is a qualified arts therapist. Her writing is devoted to "elevating the feminine" and encouraging women to live wildly. She has a love for rescuing horses and human flourishing. www.lindyschneider.com.au

The project was conceptualised and developed in Warburton, Victoria, where Lindy and Angela live.

https://pozible.com/project/from-this-place-book-exhibition - (live June 1)

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