'Confetti: Pretty, but a bit of a mess" showing at BONDI FEAST FESTIVAL SYDNEY

Published by: Ashy Rose | 9-Jul-2019
Do you feel like a giant mess? Like you've not quite got it together? If you're about catchy pop bangers (especially the 90's, Backstreet boys, Spice girls, Vengaboys) , have ever had a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend, had a bit of an issue with alcohol, an obsession with drag queens or have ever been body shamed "¦ Then this show is for you!!
Venue: Bondi Pavilion . Bondi Beach Sydney
Address: Queen Elizabeth Drive , Bondi Beach NSW
Date: 18-20th July 2019
Time: 8.45pm
Ticket: $25
Buy / Ticket: https://www.facebook.com/events/452685298906625/
Web: https://bit.ly/2JsJqHf
: www.facebook.com/ashyrosemusic
: www.instagram.com/ashyrosemusic
It's just like Confetti, it's being a mess but not being ashamed of it because that's what is truly beautiful. Come along for a night of pop anthems, hilarity and see living proof that it's called a trash can for a reason, not a trash cannot.

"Ashy Rose belts out the pop bangers in this fun show about learning to embrace your imperfections." ★★★★ - Sam About Town

Written and performed by Adelaide born Ashy Rose who previously starred as Delilah in the hit five-star award-winning show The Desperettes: Guide to Being a Wingman, performed at Midsumma, Perth and Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. "More pop than a freshly opened Pringles packet." - The Upside News

"Ashy Rose is a triple threat powerhouse vocalist whose Fringe show is packed with laughter, glamour, and the harsh realities of growing up and always wanting more"¦ and then getting it!" - The Iconic Blonde

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