'All Your Gold' by Stacey Rees

Published by: Modern Times | 21-Feb-2018
Modern Times is delighted to commence the 2018 exhibition series with a solo show by the exceptional Stacey Rees, titled All Your Gold. Opening on International Women's Day 8 March, Rees presents a collection of abstracted portraits depicting women with somber and beguiling expressions.
Venue: Modern Times
Address: 311 Smith street, Collingwood.
Date: 8-Mar-18
Time: 6-9pm
Web: https://www.moderntimes.com.au/exhibition/exhibition-stacey-rees-gold/
: https://www.facebook.com/events/127353507991806/
Stacey Rees is fascinated by people, she likes to look beyond their physical characteristics and speculate on their inner self. In her first solo exhibition, All Your Gold she presents a collection of abstract portraits that transcend likeness, interrogating ideas of identity and the public versus private self.

"It seems we are all striving for that shiny brilliant exterior, but more intriguingly, it's what's underneath it seems, that most of us are forgetting to acknowledge and appreciate." Rees explains.

Drawing on a multitude of sources, including images of strangers, celebrities and her own reflection Rees demonstrates the strength of her imagination and the skill of her painting in these fascinating characters.

"This exhibition comes at a time when women feature in the media more than ever before, when the self is more pronounced and celebrated than ever before. It captures a sort of zeitgeist and shifts our awareness. These portraits are familiar yet somehow strange, we're pulled into a direction that asks us to question what we see and that's the power of good art I believe." comments Modern Times curator, Irina Asriian

Based in her home studio at Halls Gap in the Grampians, Rees is an emerging artist whose practice spans many mediums including charcoal, oil and acrylics. This will be her first exhibition with Modern Times, Fitzroy since joining in early 2017.

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