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Aimee Boschet is a Los Angeles based Photographer specializing in Conceptual Portraiture & Moodscapes

BY Aimee Boschet | 18-Jun-2012
For me, capturing beautiful images is what continually inspires me. I love to work outdoors in nature and have the beauty of the landscape as my backdrop. My style is best described as "ethereal", "atmospheric" and somewhat "haunting". Each... photograph is meant to evoke an emotion and tell a story... My hope is that these photographs will help bring a completely new outlook of just how expressive a child can be.

My work portrays a multitude of emotions from simple childlike innocence to a deep intertwining and intensity of expressions. It is important to me that I always maintain the delicate fairytale like whimsy and ethereal beauty, while still being able to capture the depth of the somewhat struggle and almost haunting feeling that each image exudes...