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Published by: Kate Wallace | 4-Oct-2016
Opening Friday 7th October, five new shows will grace the walls of Alternating Current Art Space. Exploring areas as diverse as self image to the natural environment, our next group of shows highlight the work of five artists working across photography, sculpture, illustration and painting. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor VIC Australia 3181
Date: 7 October- 29 October
Time: Opening Night 6- 8pm. Wed- Fri 3- 8pm. Sat- Sun 11- 3pm
Ticket: Free
Web: www.alternatingcurrentartspace.com
: https://www.facebook.com/alternatingcurrentartspace/
: www.twitter.com/alternatingcurrentartspace
EMail: info@alternatingcurrentartspace.com
Call: 03 9525 2459
Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of five new exhibitions by Eddie Niznik, Michael Hawkins, Stephanie Kinstler, Michele Donegan and Kate Walsh on 7 October at 6pm.

Taking place in Gallery One, reflections of nature, landscape and still life are explored in Eddie Niznik's Opus. Through the means of painting, Niznik investigates the ways in which nature can be portrayed by fusing elements of abstraction, geometric minimalism and representation. From this, Niznik's works become a harmonic and subtle mergence of colour, shape and line, where subjects slowly surface despite remaining ambiguous to the viewer.

Countering the soft, contemplative work of Niznik, Waiting for Amelia by Michael Hawkins looks at the often-fractious relationship that exists between fathers and the judicial system. Via works on paper and canvas, Hawkins use of symbol and motif explore the difficulty faced by fathers when it comes to shared custody. In what is a personal response to the trials and tribulations of the family court system, the illustrative hand of Hawkins seeks to shed light on this issue through interaction between images and their respective meanings.

Following this, Stephanie Kinstler examines the construction of self in Red Rose. Via a series of self-portraits that pay homage to the narcissism of the digital age, Kinstler artfully navigates the often-troublesome dialogue between modernity, tradition and culture. Drawing upon a love of modern beauty trends, 'traditional women's activities ' and her own 'colourful Eurocentric heritage,' the images in due measure portray a desire to reject them in an act of 'modern young rebellion.

Meanwhile in Gallery Four, Michele Donegan's practice of travel, collecting and careful examination of surrounding environments manifest in re find. In what is in essence an exploration of place, the works in re find charter the artist's 'mapping of the landscape,' transforming objects and images into miniature creations so as to encourage the viewer to 'stop, look and consider.' Through 'noticing, collecting, remembering, valuing, transforming and reconsidering,' Donegan rekindles the beauty of an object's fragility in an ever fast and changing environment.

Finally, In Memory of Paeonies Kate Walsh pays tribute to the majestic flower via a series of intimately painted works. Taking place in the Cupboard/ Project Space, Walsh's paintings seem to stir from a dream, evoking a sense of past and cherished moments. 'Through figurative, metaphorical and abstract imagery,' Walsh delicately captures the beauty and enduring symbolism of the peonie.

All exhibitions will be open from 7 October- 29 October.

Alternating Current Art Space is located at 248 High Street in Windsor. We are open Wednesday to Friday 3-8pm and on the Weekend 11-3pm.

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