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3D Perspective

BY FGY Art Gallery Melbourne | 17-Apr-2013
­The exhibition offers fresh expressions of the three dimensional artistic objects in a variety of media. Plastic, silver, paper, clay, acrylic and bronze are just some of the materials that have been used to shape the artists’ interpretations from a multiplicity of viewpoints.
Venue: FGY (Fo Guang Yuan) Art Gallery Melbourne
Address: 141 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Date: 12 April - 16 May 2013
Time: Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm
Ticket: Free Entry
Buy / Ticket: N/A
Formation by Irena Glac

A 3D Perspective is a unique group exhibition curated by the Polish Art Foundation (PAF). This will be the second exhibition presented by PAF in partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria at the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery. The previous successful exhibition, A Group of 8, established a successful working synergy between these two not-for-profit, arts-focused organisations.

The current, diverse exhibition includes the work of nine established and emerging artists who have ancestral or spiritual ties to Poland but call Melbourne home: Edgar Gambin, Irena Glac, Janusz, Kuzbicki, Bolek Markowski, Marina Perkovich, Gabriela Rovski, Peter Szkudelski, Evonne Torrico and Anne-Marie Peiffer. The Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is delighted to support the Polish artistic community and connect with the broader multicultural community of Melbourne by playing host to this diverse and fascinating new body of work.