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3d goldfish art

BY goldfish inspiration | 15-May-2013
A new stile of art spread around the world from Australian artist
3d art from goldfish inspiration
Goldfish Living Sculpture Not clear how goldfish painting , this 3d art , was born, in my search goldfish painting was born from a Chinese artist, but a Japanese artist made the most of it, Someone points this art form as inspiration from an ancient Chinese art appeared years ago named "Qisimao" Which means-puss Provoked because The Cat Could never get the fish of water. Also I Came across a user reviews: "this kind of thing we already made them in our country 200 years ago,". pointing me to study the Fuzhou bodiless lacquer ware techniques of painted decoration, the lacquer painted ornaments, is to paint the fish at the end of the container, and then pour water, creating illusions