3D Blender course

Published by: @l@in | 15-Jan-2017
A 16-part Blender workshop/course for only €90 in Gistel (Belgium).
Address: Cervo-Go Gistel, Callaertswalledreef 8, 8470 Gistel
Date: 1/16/2017
Time: 16 lessons
Web: http://www.cervogo.be/nl/opleidingen/computer-7/cursussen/blender-1-2-3-537/
EMail: info@cervogo.be
A 16-part Blender workshop/course for only €90 in Gistel (Belgium).

On 16/01/17 a course of 16 lessons for Blender starts at the Cervo Go (evening school) in Gistel (Belgium).

When: every Monday (18h30 to 21h45) - starting on 16/01/17 (until 22/05/17).
Where: Cervo Go, Callaertswalledreef 8, 8470 Gistel (Belgium) (058/41 51 61).
Language: Dutch
Site (dutch): www.cervogo.be (http://www.cervogo.be/nl/opleidingen/computer-7/cursussen/blender-1-2-3-537/) Menu: 3D Printing with Blender, Smoke-, Fire- en Demolition effects (Modifiers), Star Wars magic, Cycles, 3D animation, 1 point Camera Tracking, Groupsproject"¦

Last year we had a lot of fun with VFX and CGI (on location).
See our little demo: https://youtu.be/zOqNUzUUyUs

We welcome not only newbies but also more advanced Blender users who wants to get more out of Blender and who wants to interact with other students and contribute to the course.


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