32nd day - Yeliz Yorulmaz & Baki Kocaballi - Closing Feast

Published by: Interlude Gallery | 13-Nov-2017
Interlude Gallery invites you to the closing event for our current exhibition 32nd Day by Sydney based artists Yeliz Yorulmaz & Baki Kocaballi. Join the artists over drinks and food to discuss this engaging exhibition. The duo will be reflecting on political tactics of control and demagogic turmoil. Current political strategies are superfluous, an empty vessel of obsolete ideologies.
Venue: Interlude Gallery
Address: 11/131-145 Glebe Point Rd., Glebe
Date: 18-Nov-17
Time: 3-5pm
Ticket: Free
Web: https://www.interludegallery.com/
: https://www.facebook.com/events/110462226396511/
Closing feast: Saturday 18th of November 3-5pm
*Drinks by gold coin donation
"The exhibition is inspired from the Turkish television news show, 32nd Day, which is a Turkish television news show first launched by Mehmet Ali Birand on TRT (Turkish National TV channel) on 1 October 1985. After 1992, it was aired on different TV channels. The show started as a very influential and innovative show at the beginning covering various global political events with a refreshing perspective, but then transformed into an ordinary news show.
The title is conceptually meaningful from two perspectives; first is that the tv show was running monthly for the first couple of years. 32nd day was that special day to review and summarise the most important political events of the month. It represents the day that you zoom out from the tiny everyday details of the present time and look at the life from a broader perspective. Secondly, throughout its long life, the show changed dramatically. It used to be a liberating news show in which some really harsh topics for the late 80s such as the line between the legal and illegal porn, same sex marriage and the constraints of the religion could be explored and discussed freely. However, under the influence of increasing conservative and authoritarian governance of Turkey, it shifted from being a free-speecher to a censored and warped traditionalist.
32nd Day explores the increasing affinity with conservative and authoritarian politics and governance in many countries and regions around the world. In contrast to the fast-paced technological developments, there are little advancements in the methods of governance in service of control-oriented desires of authoritarian political actors whose aim is to convert societies into their useless monolithic machines. 32nd Day speculates on this uselessness-producing ideology through a collection of little robotic structures, assemblages of technological waste, sculptural installations, and video works. "
"”Yeliz & Baki
Kindly Sponsored by Poor Toms Gin
For more information visit www.interludegallery.com

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