2018 Head On Associate Exhibitor Marina Zivkovic Exhibits Outstanding Creativity

Published by: Marina Zivkovic | 1-May-2018
Multi-award winning photographer, Marina Zivkovic has her first solo exhibition opening 1 May - 1 June 2018 at the Arthouse Hotel, as a part of the prestigious 2018 Head On Photo Festival. Marina won multiple awards at the 2018 AIPP NSW Epson Professional Photography awards held this past weekend in Canberra and was the 2017 AIPP NSW Student Professional Photographer of the Year. Marina's quirky self-portrait series entitled Human: A Work in Progress, is a stunning collection of renaissance influenced portraiture with a twist.
Venue: Arthouse Hotel
Address: 275 Pitt St, Sydney
Date: 1 May - 1 June
Time: 4.30pm - 12am
Ticket: free
Web: www.marinagraphia.com.au
: www.facebook.com/marinagraphia
: www.instagram.com/marinagraphia
: www.twitter.com/marinagraphiArt
EMail: marinagraphia@gmail.com
Call: 410649823
Describing her series as "a collection of characterisations by prop inspo", using everyday household items to create characters with depth to mystify and delight the viewer. As a former actor she says "I was drawing on instinct to create these characters by using my imagination to develop their history and conscience. I drew on my own life experience albeit sub-consciously at times!" The series has a remarkable aesthetic referencing art history with a simplicity upon first glance. Yet each photograph has a quality that intrigues the viewer with an air of mystery and depth that holds the eye. "The idea was that at first glance the photographs are reminiscent of renaissance art, yet upon closer examination, one may be delighted to learn that some of the props are things like a paper towel, a dining chair cushion and even a garbage can lid!" says Marina. "I just love the surprise on people's faces when they realise what some of the props are."

Portraiture is Marina's lifelong passion. "If I can create a portrait that draws the viewer in without understanding why, then I have succeeded to communicate in a way that is beyond a simple snapshot".

"Photography is so important, and the lifelong memories and heirloom quality of passing down a portrait through generations is too often overlooked."

"The ability to consciously print photographs with archival quality for the purpose of passing them down through the generations in a way we never could before, is reason enough to go out and make a portrait of yourself today - do it for those who come after you who may want to see who you were - and a good portrait photographer can capture your soul for your future generations to really see you and feel like they knew you somehow," Marina said.

"With portraits, it has to be about more than just sit there and let me snap you. It has to be about capturing a person's true essence. A photograph that you can't stop looking at but don't know why is my kind of photograph."

Marina Zivkovic is an Emerging AIPP Professional Photographer specialising in fine art portraiture with a number of awards and accolades to her name in the very short time she has picked up a camera. From publications in the 2017 Capture Annual alongside Australasia's top photographers to currently being listed in their top ten Emerging Student photographers. Marina has won multiple awards for her fine art portraiture.

She admits to being "stunned" by the honour of receiving industry awards.

"I am so deeply humbled to see my work beside some of the greatest Australian photographers that I deeply admire," Marina explained.

The 2018 Head on Photographic Festival is currently in its 9th year and is one of the most prestigious global photographic festivals attracting many photography greats. Exhibitors were selected based on their creativity and the overall impact of their collections.

"I am so deeply honoured to have been selected as an associated exhibitor this year and very proud to be part of such a fantastic celebration of the photographic arts".

Marina's work will be exhibited at the Arthouse Hotel, 275 Pitt St, Sydney from 1 May - 1 June with Artist Talk on Saturday 12 May at 4.30pm.

Artist Talk Sat 12 May 2018 at 4.30pm
Arthouse Hotel is closed on Sundays

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